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Technology anticipates building problems.

Problems such as aging buildings, clogged pipes and deteriorating foundations often make an appearance, leading to costly repairs and potential hazards.
At Lurtis, we develop technology solutions in which we implement AI and machine learning to anticipate problems and avoid unnecessary risks. Moreover, thanks to these solutions, processes are streamlined, and decisions are made based on real data about the field to be worked on.
In this article, we take a closer look at the obstacles facing this sector and explain how AI and innovative technologies can provide proactive solutions, ensuring a stronger foundation for the future.


Aging and deterioration of buildings

Over time, buildings succumb to wear and tear. Structural deterioration, weakening foundations and deteriorating exteriors can lead to hazardous conditions and costly renovations. However, with the integration of sensors and monitoring systems, it is possible to analyze data in real time to help predict potential problems and thus intervene in time and extend the life of structures.
Other damage from the passage of time is the clogging of pipes, which can cause serious damage to buildings and disrupt the daily lives of the people who live or work in them. Traditional methods usually involve reactive solutions. However, advanced technology employs predictive modeling and artificial intelligence algorithms to monitor plumbing systems. By analyzing flow patterns and detecting anomalies, we can predict blockages and leaks, enabling preventative measures that save resources and avoid crises.


How to combat aging infrastructure by strengthening foundations.

Foundations are the foundation of any building, but their aging can lead to structural instability. With AI-based structural analysis, early signs of weakening can be identified. By analyzing historical data and real-time inputs, potential problems are identified, allowing engineers to design targeted solutions before the situation worsens.
Our technology solutions are not limited to solving immediate problems. Through data-driven analysis, we can comprehend the complex relationships between a building’s systems. By studying the patterns and performance of heating, cooling, and energy use, we design optimization strategies that reduce costs and environmental impact.


The path to a safer and more sustainable future

We envision and work to build a future where architecture and construction are empowered by technology, minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency. By combining AI with building information modeling (BIM), we facilitate smarter designs, better material choices and real-time project monitoring. This synergy results in structures that stand the test of time, adapt to changing needs and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

In the field of architecture and construction, embracing technology is now almost a necessity. Thanks to the unprecedented foresight of technology, it is possible to build resilient buildings, repair those that are damaged, and anticipate any damage with serious consequences.
We want to accompany you in your projects, design solutions that adapt to your needs and thus achieve safe and sustainable buildings and constructions. Ask us for more information and let’s start building the future together.

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